Find Your Voice. Talk About Race.


What is The Growing Edge?

Talking about race isn’t easy. We aren’t taught how to do it in school. Many families don’t regularly talk about race at home. And as a nation, we just can’t seem to agree on anything when it comes to race. The Growing Edge is a place where you can begin to rewrite that story. It is an opportunity to change yourself, your loved ones, your community and history.

The Growing Edge is a place of change and growth. It may be exciting or uncomfortable or a little of both. Through education, mentoring, coaching, a lot of love and a little push, we are here to do deep, serious, life changing work. Together, we will increase your ability to talk about race, sharpen your critical analysis of racism and bring more life and meaning into your relationships where race has been a point of division in the past.

We’re here to make a real difference and we know you are too.

We can’t wait to get to know you.

The time is definitely now.