Find Your Voice. Talk About Race.

Meet the Team

Jeannette Pimentel

Consultant | Coach | Organizer

As a child and teenager, I remember gravitating toward matters of injustice. I was bothered by it and always questioned why everyone was not treated the same. The spirit of advocacy has been within me forever. I tried to figure things out and speak against inequalities on the playground or in my high school paper. As I entered different life phases such as college and the workforce, it became more evident to me that some folks had and some did not. We all lived in the same place—yet did not have access to the same things. I needed to understand why.  I am grateful toThe People’s Institute of Survival and Beyond for their analysis and leadership that explained the link between racism and these inequities.

As a first-generation woman of Dominican descent my experience has been quite interesting and particularly different from that of my dark-skinned cousins. In high school, I applied for a job at a bank and was initially liked but eventually not hired because of my accent. I’ve learned that these nuances are race related but were often unspoken topics among my family and friends. I’m a woman of color devoted to sharing these experiences, loving, and learning. Having conversations about race with other accountable people has strengthened my love with my partner, Alesha, who identifies as African American and has helped tremendously in how we are raising my son. For these reasons and many more, I am here to share and organize together within our relationships, families, jobs, and community on how to effectively create changes for a truly free and just world.

Professional Bio:
Jeannette Pimentel earned her Bachelors Degree and Masters Degree in Social Work at Rutgers University. Jeannette also completed a Child Advocacy Certificate Program at Montclair University. During her undergraduate career at Rutgers, Jeannette proposed and participated in many conversations about racism and its impact on people of color. Jeannette also led and co-led on campus organizations that participated in fundraising to maintain a safe space for racial discussions. As a child welfare employee, Jeannette advocates for the particular personal needs and systemic changes necessary to provide equal access to services and resources for children and families of color. Jeannette is an active member of the Anti-Racist Alliance of North Jersey.  She has been trained by the People’s Institute of Survival and Beyond to effectively and strategically organize around issues of racism.