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“Heather and Jeannette provided a well-researched, engaging and powerful workshop on talking about race within the context of the developmental understanding for 0-6 year olds.

This workshop educated me and my teachers on the ways children conceptualize, internalize and use race to understand their world.  More importantly, it gave us a platform to have a unifying conversation about the importance of race in the cultivation of self-esteem. Perhaps the most surprising part of the workshop occurred after the workshop ended. This workshop facilitated a bond that has deepened our resolve to empower our students to be confident and deepened our connection to one another as coworkers.

This was truly a team building and bonding exercise. The integrity and honesty Jeannette and Heather bring creates an atmosphere of support and understanding that builds bridges and bonds.  We have acquired a new language of love, respect and inclusion.”

Jennifer Henry
Founder, HillPoint Preparatory