Holistic and Integrative Interventions

1494236690You have questions about the medical model…

You’ve tried the mainstream recommendations: medications, procedures, and cookie-cutter interventions.

They’ve offered some relief, but you aren’t satisfied.

You had to find your way and research a lot. But finding a provider who understands that you do things differently has been hard.

You want to go deeper and understand the mind-body-spirit connection.

You used other holistic providers and want to ensure you have mental health support that aligns with your beliefs.

Some systems have hurt you in the past, and you are concerned about trusting the recommendations of mental health providers.

Finding the root cause is important.

Humans are multidimensional beings. We interact with the world through our minds, bodies, and spirit. An injury in any of these areas can disrupt the rest.

We also exist in a world full of trauma, toxins, and conflict. While we thrive best in connection with the world around us, many things can cause disruption and, ultimately, painful symptoms that affect our ability to function.

Mainstream medical systems treat symptoms and ignore the whole person and their environment. Without a holistic perspective, healing is incomplete and superficial.

1731979630Traditional talk therapy focuses primarily on the mind.

Our mind is one aspect of our experience, but humans are interconnected beings, intersecting on various levels of mind, body, and spirit.

Neuroscience has proven that our “mind” extends outside our brain and beyond our body to include energy that others can experience. Other studies have proved that emotional trauma can cause acute and chronic physical ailments.

Our bodies function on electrical frequencies, also known as energy. The study of epigenetics and quantum physics has shown multidimensional connections across time and space. Our thoughts, beliefs, and actions can influence those who come before and after us emotionally – down to the structure of their DNA.

Herbalists know the plants growing in our neighborhood are related to what our body needs. Ancient healers and shamans have treated emotional and physical conditions for thousands of years using ceremony and ritual.

We are neither separated from each other nor the world around us.

Our modern, fast-paced life…

… can put us out of balance with nature, energy, and the humans around us.

We are forced to produce and act out of sync with the seasons or the needs of our bodies.

We are taught to disconnect from our inner wisdom in favor of systems, authorities, and gurus. We are traumatized by caregivers and develop survival strategies that can cause suffering. Costs keep rising along with our stress levels, with no end.

The system has us trapped on a hamster wheel of production and survival, consistently trending toward more conflict, division, and disconnection. This is not healthy, nor is it wellness.

1467765023Let’s put interconnectedness front and center…

That’s what holistic and integrative interventions are all about. Integrating our mind (thoughts, knowledge, and behaviors), body (food and health), and spirit (energy, connection, and vibration) is the key to healing.

I have studied energy medicine, Reiki, and shamanic healing. These traditions can benefit you on your journey and are a powerful complement to mainstream medical treatments.

Here’s what we can do…

Nature-based activities…

We will use the support of nature around us to tap into healing. It can be as simple as connecting with the sun or the wind. When we slow down to the pace of nature around us, we can gently address symptoms and bring us into balance and alignment.

Working with natural remedies…

Often, psychotropic medication can have unwanted side effects. We will discuss your options to manage your symptoms, including food and lifestyle changes that can support wellness.

Using energy-based healing…

Intuitive energy-based healing is not a skill reserved for some. Everyone can tap into their ability to sense the unseen world. Working with your belief system, we will reconnect you to the expansive healing power of the universe to bring peace and harmony.

Harnessing the power of the body…

Your breath is a powerful tool to reset your mind and bring it into balance. The physical symptoms you experience tell a complex story and are often connected to the disconnection you have on an emotional level. Intervention can be as simple as incorporating more rest to encourage the natural healing capacity of your body.

Collaborating with other healers…

I’m part of a vast community of holistic healers, including homeopaths, chiropractors, acupuncturists, holistic health coaches, craniosacral therapists, womb healers, and more. We can connect to practitioners with different areas of expertise to complement our work and build your support network.

Find healing in your mind, body, and spirit

Expanding mental health treatment beyond the medical model has been an important part of my work.

I have seen clients have deeper and more long-lasting results when they integrate all the dimensions of healing available to them to bring back balance and connection. If you want natural, holistic treatment, please call me today so we can get started.

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