Systemic Racism and Community Organizing

1751486243The system isn’t broken.

It’s working as it was intended. The truth is being revealed all around us.

Systems are crumbling. Whether it is the education system, mental health system, or criminal justice system – you (or someone you love) have been impacted by design to maximize profit and exploit humanity.

As a collective, we have begun to see cracks everywhere. People are suffering and dying. It’s painful and overwhelming. Every step forward seems to cause ten steps back.

You don’t know what to do, but you know you need to do something.

Examples of abuses of power are everywhere.

The outcomes of every system show black and brown people are being impacted.

Your loved ones live with the trauma of past incidents with schools or the fear of the police.

The Civil Rights movement created a lot of change, but the path isn’t as clear now.

How can you make an impact when you’re struggling yourself?

You’ve tried to speak up, but those who do get fired. You can’t afford to lose your job. There are so many intense feelings, and this topic is full of conflict.

Everyone is arguing these days, while the people with the most money and power just get more money and more power.

How can we come together when the system is set up to keep us separate?

1314624404Throughout history, people have suffered.

Racism, especially as it exists in the United States, is widespread.

It’s often discussed, but the root and the solution are greatly misunderstood.

Whether or not we want to admit it, systems have been established that perpetuate hierarchy, abuse of power, and manipulation.

Race has been a very effective way of creating hierarchies and maintaining power in the hands of a few.

When you look at the statistics and outcomes of these systems…

The numbers show how white people benefit and black and brown people are disadvantaged.

But beyond statistics, we often miss that the mere existence of these systems impacts the humanity of all who participate.

They separate us from each other; they’re depriving us of the benefits of a more supportive, interconnected society.

1746319469Identifying and ending racism is not charity work.

History has shown us the power of coming together and organizing the people for change.

It’s not easy work. Making the kind of change we need can come slowly – if at all. We are fighting centuries of systems with policies and practices entrenched in maintaining the status quo.

Becoming a leader takes deep commitment, continuous self-reflection, and inner work.

There are pitfalls and challenges…

Surviving in this system causes us to internalize practices and beliefs that uphold the structure and unintentionally block change.

Change happens slowly, and we can cause breakdowns by pushing things to move too fast.

Resources to fund the type of work can be withheld or scarce. People can fall victim to competing for attention and limited resources.

We can fail to integrate lessons from elders who have come before us, and we can fail to empower the leadership of those that come after us.

You are ignoring an analysis of who has power and who doesn’t will create a lot of action but very little change.

Forgetting that humanity and relationships are at the core of this work will fracture your collective and cause further trauma.

After over 20 years, I have seen a lot of mistakes and made many myself.

But there is hope…

515154367Answering the call for justice has been a part of my soul’s journey…

And I’ve always sought to understand why race has been used as a tool to oppress and separate.

I have also been actively involved in efforts to create change and bring people together.

Nearly 25 years ago, while still in college, I cofounded the Student Coalition for Equal Justice, which organized our campus community and ultimately led to the dismissal of felony charges for two black students.

I later became an organizer and trainer for The People’s Institute for Survival and Beyond (, an organization recognized for its expertise in anti-racism.

I have worked inside nonprofit organizations to collectively organize and make substantial changes to impact racially disproportionate outcomes for children and families.

I have trained staff, developed community organizers’ skills, created workshops for parents, and affected governmental change through political action.

Most recently, I have worked with those wanting a deeper understanding of what it means to be white and how that identity benefits some and harms others.

Here’s how I can help…

Training and Workshops on Systemic Racism

Anti-racist-Focused Coaching, Consulting, and Clinical Supervision using an antiracist trauma-informed framework

Individual Therapy grounded in justice and liberation

We are the ones we have been waiting for…

You are here now at this moment in time because you are being called to this work.

Ending racism and all forms of abuse, exploitation, and oppression is a calling that requires its leaders to do the deep inner work of transformation to manifest systems of liberation.

The change starts with us. Don’t allow the ideologies that harm all of humanity to survive another generation.

Call me now to get started! (862) 505-1717