Online Therapy

261869786Life is already busy.

Just to get to a therapy session, you have to schedule time off work, hire childcare, fight through traffic, and find (maybe even pay) parking.

The thought of it is exhausting.

You want to find the help and support you need without the hassle.

The sleepless nights, the heavy hopelessness you feel when you wake in the morning, and the daily frustrations that keep you on a short fuse aren’t getting any better.

You’re spiraling and want to find relief with someone you can trust.

1885647415Let therapy come to you!

Online therapy provides a way to set aside the time needed to care for yourself without the hassle of a commute or drastic changes in your schedule.

Imagine attending sessions in comfy pajamas or your favorite joggers from your favorite chair… well, with online therapy, you can.

If you have 45 minutes that you can set aside per week, we can connect virtually and make the same progress we would make in person – all from the comfort of your home.

I am an experienced provider of virtual psychotherapy and will walk you through the process. I have seen no difference in clients’ success attending in-person vs. online therapy. Clients who have the option to attend usually can be more consistent with sessions and therefore make faster transformations.

I utilize a HIPAA-compliant secure system via SimplePractice for our video calls, sending paperwork, and all billing. It is super easy and convenient.

You’ll need a device like a laptop or a cell phone, an Internet connection, and a quiet space where you feel comfortable speaking freely.

In fact, clients who have the option to attend online usually can be more consistent with sessions and therefore make faster transformations.

Prioritize your healing now!

It can be hard to set aside time in an already busy life, especially when so many depend on you.

But humans are interconnected beings, and your well-being is important for you and those around you. It won’t take long to see the benefit of focusing on yourself.

Let’s connect now to start! Call me today: (862) 505-1717.