Support for Mothers

Mothers are the backbone of every family.

Our work is often overlooked, but our labor, care, and support are essential to our families and society.

Our responsibilities are ever-increasing: childcare, homework, laundry, cooking, doctor appointments, extracurricular activities, and full-time jobs – the list is never-ending.

Unfortunately, we seldom have the community support to complete everything.

1878107623So, we leave ourselves last on the list.

Every mother I have worked with fully understands the needs of her children and partner and would move mountains to ensure all those needs are met.

But these same mothers are often out of touch with their own needs or are at the bottom of their priority list.

When was the last time you had some alone time? Time to do what you want or on your schedule. The hobbies and interests you love feel like a distant memory.

Consistent restorative sleep in which you wake up feeling rested is a luxury .

And boundaries? It’s hard for you to tell people what you need. But others have no problem coming to you. They know you’ll say yes and take care of things.

You struggle to connect with your identity and purpose beyond motherhood.

Motherhood has taken priority over your relationship and your career. But what happens when your children grow up or your relationship ends?

Most mothers cannot balance all these aspects at once. While others benefit from our labor and companies profit from our endless exhaustion, we are not supported in the actual steps we need to take to implement a change.

At the end of the day, neglecting ourselves leaves us depleted, resentful, anxious, and overwhelmed.

1774976660We need to create space and time to care for ourselves intentionally.

If you don’t, your to-do list will keep growing, and time will keep slipping away. Before you know it, you will look up, and your life and your children’s childhood will have passed you by.

Don’t put your needs at the bottom of the to-do list that never gets done…

You will make the doctor’s appointment once the household is in order.

The nice outfit you want to buy for yourself once you get a handle on your budget.

The girls’ trip you want to take but are waiting until the kids are a little older.

You are last on your list so often that you don’t even notice anymore.

Dedicating an hour a week to your happiness by committing to therapy will get you back on track.

1207764592Let’s focus on YOUR well-being.

That’s how you’ll find joy “in the moment.” The kind of joy you see on your child’s face when they are engaged in play. You can be in that space with them instead of just an observer or a distracted participant.

We will spend time identifying and reconnecting with your own needs that have been put aside by the enormity of motherhood.

You will learn to develop and communicate better boundaries. You can stop saying yes to everyone and everything and still be liked.

You will implement techniques that clear your mind from worry and allow you to be present in the moment with your kids instead of creating the next to-do list.

You will meet your own needs and be able to better show up for your children’s needs. Many unhealthy patterns are transmitted when we are in survival mode. You will learn to identify when those patterns are showing up and how to return to a place of connection.

Life is not lived in the past or the future but in the present. When you can let go, you will be able to connect with the simple joys of the moment and be confident that you are the best example for your children.

“Children have never been very good at listening to their elders, but they have never failed to imitate them.”
– James Baldwin

If it’s hard to prioritize yourself, remember this…

Your choices and behavior influence your children more than any words you will ever say to them.

I have worked with many mothers desperate to see changes in their spouse or children, but they completely underestimate the value of focusing on their needs to bring about changes in their family.

You might be surprised how much focusing on YOU will change your life, relationships, and family!

You can do this!

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