Women and Anxiety

1223165929Obligation after obligation, knocking us off balance…

At each stage of life, women face tremendous decisions and a lot of responsibility. Whether deciding on career, dating, marriage, or children, society places a lot of expectations on our life choices.

With more women going to college than men, our careers now take up as much time as our relationships and family. Many times, there isn’t enough time in the day or support for all of the work we have to accomplish. Modern women are blazing a new path, so the generations of our parents and grandparents don’t understand our stress and responsibilities.

With all these choices and responsibilities, we are also drawn farther and farther away from the embodiment of our pleasure and joy. Society benefits greatly from our seen and unseen labor…

But few spaces teach us how to fully manifest our dreams and process the emotions and stress that come with many responsibilities.

1277145430So, we carry on…

Most of us resort to swallowing our emotions, focusing on caregiving, or adopting qualities of leadership suitable for the corporate world but not for our souls.

Until one day… when the stress starts to spill over… and all the neglected feelings and emotions can no longer be contained.

Anxiety and sadness can be overwhelming and scary, especially when we run out of tools to manage their intensity, and they take over our daily lives.

The overwhelming feelings you have are NOT signs that you’re broken.

They are messages from your soul, calling you to deepen your relationship with yourself and walk on a transformational journey to a life with more pleasure and joy.

1915438201If you’re ready to take that journey, I can help.

I have worked with many women of all ages and stages to learn holistic ways of improving their lives.

Integrating your feelings…

No more swallowing them, holding them in, or wishing them away. Our feelings guide us to create a path to the life we want. We will work on decoding the messages from your heart. Instead of ignoring them or drowning in them, they will lead you to your best self.

Developing self-care strategies…

What do you do when the big feelings show up? How do you handle triggers? We will develop individualized practices, strategies, rituals, and boundaries that fit the circumstances of your life. Whether speaking up for yourself or creating a bath time ritual, we will integrate a plan as part of your therapy.

Learning to trust your intuition…

The inner voice of our soul is a whisper compared to the sometimes intense emotions and harsh world. Many experiences drown out this inner voice or cause us to outsource our power and wisdom to systems outside of ourselves. We will create a container to identify the signs of your intuition, strengthen its presence, and build your ability to trust what wisdom comes to you from your soul.

547569895Getting unstuck from old patterns…

Sometimes, our behaviors and coping mechanisms are learned from those who raised us; sometimes, survival mechanisms keep us safe in difficult times. These behaviors that helped us at one point can become outdated and cause distress. Shedding light on that pattern and its origin can allow us to create a pathway to new behaviors and strategies.

Living with more joy and peace in the present moment…

We often use our minds to think of many ways to solve problems. While this can be helpful, it can cause us to over-function and experience distress and discomfort. The reality is that much of life is out of our control – what has happened and will happen in the future. Anxiety can develop when we are functioning with too much future focus. Developing some skills makes it possible to focus more on the present moment. This is where you will also find more joy and peace. You can access the experiences available to you in the moment you are in and connect with the people you love now.

Get out of your head and live your life now!

You have been thinking about therapy for a while. Nothing will change until you act in the present moment.

You have been uncomfortable for too long. I am here to support you in experiencing life with much more pleasure and joy.

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